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About Conservation Theater

Join the growing education movement! Conservation Theater uses theater to inspire those who create theater and their audience to make changes to improve the world we live in. This site will offer lesson plans, inspirational actions, workshops and conversations to connect all ages to conservation and natural science.

The content on this website is designed to offer many individuals ways to create their own theater or use the media provided to help teach conservation and natural science. Lesson plans and script-writing guidelines are available on this site for teachers, theater professionals, animal lovers and zoo professionals. Click here for lesson plans Workshops are also available for those who would like to use theater to inspire but would like the guidance of Conservation Theater leaders. Click here for workshops

You will find materials for:

Adult learners-Teens-Elementary school students-PreK students-International students

What people are saying about Conservation Theater

This is a fantastic presentation! As an elementary school teacher, I am always looking for ways to help students learn, discover and find ways to become more invested in the world they live in. This presentation has provided me with some new ideas to help me do just that!! ” -D. Harden, teacher

Wonderful presentation! Uniting theater and your concern for the environment = a perfect partnership. You are doing what Horace Mann charged us all with doing, you are winning victories for humanity.”- R. Rice, playwright

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