Ready to inspire? On this page you will find videos designed to inspire creative writing and theatrical performances by adults and children. You can also show these videos if you are not quite ready to perform theater in your classroom but still want to give your students a taste of how theater can be used to educate and inspire.

Storytelling Monologues

This section includes short and long stories performed by Bricken Sparacino about the incredible bio-diversity of life and how life inspires us to conservation action. These videos can be show in segments or in their entirety. All are designed for adult and teen audiences.

In this short story, Bricken reminds us of the wonders of the world around us and to remember to look down, there might be snakes! Filmed with a live audience at the 2016 STEM Festival.

conservation theater storytelling


Join Bricken on an adventure in the Amazon. Find out about the biodiversity that makes Peru an area of the world worthy of our protection. Adventures in the Amazon Filmed with a live audience at the 2016 Stem Festival




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In this longer video, Bricken shares the dark side of world travel. Disappointments and Inspiration in the Amazon Plastic waste and progress harm the Peruvian
Amazon. Don’t worry there is hope. This video includes a conversation with two conservation experts.


Conservation Children’s Theater

These videos can be used to inspire elementary school students to care about the natural world around them. They can also be shown to participants of all ages who are about to create their own Conservation Theater play.

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The Great Tuna Adventure from Wildlife Theater out of the Central Park Zoo. This short
skit is about how our garbage can affect our food. This is a great example of how using rhyme, puppets and storytelling can bring science to life.


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Recycle your Way into my Heart is a song from Re-Usable the Musical. This production was created for the Bronx Zoo’s Summer 2015 programming. The play was written by John Tartaglia and his Gables Grove production company in conjunction with the Wildlife Conservation Society. This song is about how recycling can help keep the world clean for our animal friends (and ourselves).