Workshops and “Do it yourself”

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Photos from past workshops. NYC Urban Park Rangers Inquiry, Science and Theater Workshop. Central Park Zoo Teen Invasive Species Theater Workshop. Environmental Study Center NY Department of Education Conservation Theater Workshop.

Bring a Conservation Theater workshop to you!

Conservation Theater workshops are available to come to your facility. Workshops include the following:

  • 2 hour invasive species workshop for teachers
  • 2 hour theater and science workshop for teachers
  • Half-day program: how to create your own Conservation Theater for theater or cultural institution professionals
  • 8 hour project development program. This program gives you all the tools to create and train staff in theatrical interpetation at a cultural institution.


The costs of a Conservation Theater workshop vary depending on the distance traveled and the duration of the workshop. The New York Tri-state area rate is $200 for a 2 hour session, $400 for a half day and $800 for a full day. The price to other states and parts of the world start at the base rate and include transportation, room and board.


To organize a workshop please email .

What have past participants thought?

“Thank you for reviving my sense of science and teaching!”- Elementary School Teacher, invasive species workshop participant.

I will now “… incorporate theater/play into my teaching and to allow students to create their own questions.” – Elementary School Teacher, theater and science workshop participant

Live Performances

If you would like to have a Conservation Theater style live performance for your students, please visit this map. It includes theater groups all over the country who either travel to schools or invite you to travel to them and learn about science and the natural world around us. Click here: Conservation Theater Map

Download a “How to Guide”

Coming soon (September 2016) you can download the Conservation Theater kit. This kit will walk you through all the steps needed to create your own conservation and natural science play. It will also include how to create a theatrical interpretation experience for spaces that do not have traditional stages but still want to have theater.